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Chris Padin releases new single, "Losing My Mind", onto all digital streaming platforms

Chris Padin is a talented music producer and DJ from New York. Specializing in genres such as House, Future Bass, Deep House, EDM, and many more, his immersive productions and rich soundscapes never cease to amaze. Chris's music bends the rules and experiments with production techniques to fuse various genres together - creating his own unique and highly recognizable sound.

Having amassed over half a million streams across all digital streaming platforms, Chris Padin's music has connected with thousands of people from around the world. Most recently, he released his fresh new single titled, "Losing My Mind", onto all digital streaming platforms. This track features vocals from actress and singer, Georgia Rose - who you might recognize from Bravo's hit T.V show, "Below Deck".

Chris Padin is not slowing down either, as he has just announced more upcoming new music including, "Call Me Up" (coming March 18, 2022) on Ensis Records and "Say So" (coming March 11, 2022) on Kibbutz Records.

Watch the lyric video for Chris Padin's song "Losing My Mind" ft. Georgia Rose on YouTube:

Listen to Chris's music now on Spotify:




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