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Recording-artist, Tee Slaves, announces upcoming project "Disconnected" releasing this May

Tee Slaves, also known as Tahyira Savanna, is a talented and rapidly ascending singer, songwriter, and recording artist. A first-generation born American, her diverse and multi-dimensional music is based on the themes and experiences the artist has had in the neighborhoods she has lived in. She attended college in Brookville, New York, and the duality of her experiences has led her to becoming a writer in both journalism and for film. Her music is primarily inspired by her heritage, and Tee Slaves has done extensive research on her ancestry, dating back to the 1800's when slavery was first recorded in Trinidad and Tobago. All of this research and knowledge has culminated into Tee Slave's becoming the dynamic artist she is today. A world traveler, Tee Slave's music draws inspiration from African trap music she learned in Paris, to the reggae dub music of Tobago.

With numerous songs released on Spotify such as "Dance On Fire", "Pull up", "energy", and "Born Woke", it is clear that this prolific artist is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry! Most recently, she has announced an upcoming new project titled, "Disconnected", which is scheduled for release May 2022.

Listen to Tee Slave's music now on all digital streaming platforms! Follow her on her social media platforms to stay updated on news and upcoming music releases.

Watch Tee Slave's music videos on YouTube:

Listen to Tee Slaves's music now on Spotify:



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