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Alt-pop trio, Kololo, announces upcoming release of their new single "Granted"

Kololo is an emerging Alt-pop trio based in Bristol, England. Formed during the COVID-19 pandemic, this band is comprised of three pals including Josh (guitar), Zeus (keys), and Danny (beats/percussion). Together, their smooth vocal harmonies and trippy production style fuse into a dynamic trio of computerized groove.

Kololo has two singles currently released on digital streaming platforms including, "Bad Habit" and "Vitamins". On March 18th, 2022, Kololo is proud to announce their upcoming third single titled, "Granted", in addition to their first official music video!

Pre-Save "Granted" now:


MARCH 16 - Thunderbolt (Bristol, England)

APRIL 05 - FORK N ALE (Bristol, England)

Watch Kololo's music videos on YouTube:

Listen to Kololo's music now on Spotify:

View the official Cover Art for Kololo's upcoming single, "Granted":



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