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Pop-artist, Cindy Sterling, releases dynamic new single, "Kids Back Then"

Cindy Sterling is a talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist who is rapidly making a name for herself within the music industry. Based in Los Angeles, Cindy's talents as an ascending music artist are undoubtedly impressive. With numerous released tracks and covers on SoundCloud, it is clear that she is proving herself to not only be incredibly versatile as a singer, but that she also has what it takes to attain music greatness. Most recently, to the excitement of her fanbase, Cindy Sterling has released her highly-awaited new single "Kids Back Then" onto all digital streaming platforms along with its accompanying music video on YouTube. This dynamic new track showcases some of the artist's finest work yet as a songwriter and exemplifies her undeniably unique sound and style, which her followers love her for.

Follow Cindy on her social media platforms to stay tuned on her future music releases and news! Listen to her new single "Kids Back Then" out now on Spotify:

"I’ve always felt emotions very deeply and strongly and music has always been a way for me to channel that side of me." - Cindy Sterling


Hello, thank you very much for joining us today! First things first, when did you first discover your passion for music, Cindy?

Cindy: My whole life I've always been very involved in music. In elementary school, I always was eager to join choirs, any music classes like piano, drums, recorder, or plays.

The first time I got really into songwriting was when my brother came home with a guitar from the guy my mom was dating and I stole it from him and started learning Colbie Callait, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift & Green Day on guitar in my room. I went to the Best Buy on La Brea & Santa Monica Blvd with my dad when I was really little in like elementary and would go scout through the CD isles listening to CDs on the floor back when CDs were like the main source of being able to listen to music, while my dad would shop for things like TVs and check out prices for new technology and stuff like that. I was obsessed with the album art, the way the artists shot and styled themselves, listening to the lyrics, the different types of sounds different genres could create for you to be able to listen to, but I mainly really connected to music in the sense that it was like tuning into a universal language or having a conversation with someone who knew an emotion you were feeling inside, without you having to conversely speak face to face - music was/is like connecting with another human without having to talk. I thought that was fascinating and wanted to offer that to other people one day through my stories.

What three words would you say best describe your musical style as a whole?

Cindy: 1. Connecting: the way that I wrote is more so based on wanting people to feel connected to an experience that they can all relate to. My songwriting is more about the feeling you can draw to and I remember when I felt that way as opposed to way too focused on the structure.

2. Ethereal: I’d like to look at my music as something ethereal, a form of escapism for people listening to it; because I know when I record I feel an ethereal out-of-body experience linking my soul with my body that feels extremely ethereal.

3. Transporting: The reason I say transporting is I think I look at my music when I’m creating it as something that’s going to transport you in time either backward or forward to a time when you remember you felt that exact same way. I also think within the present time too, it transports you to a place either within yourself or out of your body and into the music.

What is your interpretation of being an artist? What does it mean to you?

Cindy: I think being an artist is composed of finding something ethereal inside of you whether it's through acting, singing, or songs that evoke an emotional or euphoric experience within people. Whether it be happiness, sadness, bringing back a beautiful memory, or sharing a universal language.

To me being an artist isn't a choice but a way of viewing the world and the way you live your life, interacting with little things and turning them into muses and expressing through your daily actions, which can be very little things like listening to your friends' conversation about a relationship they're going through and finding inspiration through them to later creating a song about them or remembering an emotion and putting that emotion into a song, etc.

Tell me about your upcoming single titled "Kids Back Then".. what is something very special about it?

Cindy: "Kids Back Then" is about a past romantic relationship I had with someone I met in Beverly Hills and was about the first boy from there I lightly dated for a longer period than I expected, and later moved to that same area as an adult during a phase of life where I thought I would get married. The song is very special because it's part of a really small but big part of my life because it probably influenced my life in more ways than I expected and every experience shapes who you are with every small new event. The song evokes a feeling of nostalgia that I think listeners will relate to when relating to a younger summer love that they randomly will think about from time to time even if that means you don't want to necessarily be together again, but you just appreciate the way it made you feel when you look back on it - which I think a lot of people can relate to.

I started having reminiscent feelings based on light memories when I was driving, like meeting up on Sunset the street and pulling over just to talk on the hoods of cars and look at the stars, kiss, and take pics together & etc. These memories evoked a feeling within me to write this song so I think it will transport people to a time when they felt this way with someone at some point in their life, even if they aren’t experiencing life with that person anymore.

Do you feel being a songwriter has always been your calling?

Cindy: Absolutely. 100%. Since the beginning of time. I have always felt that way. I am extremely silly in person but deep down a very sentimental, empathic, and sensitive person even though I joke around a lot. I’ve always felt emotions very deeply and strongly and music has always been a way for me to channel that side of me. Through my life experiences too. I’ve always felt that maybe there has to be a reason I’ve had to go through these things in my life. It’s always all linked back to music.

Who are some other notable artists that influence your sound and style the most?

Cindy: As far as sound goes I may sound like a mixture of several artists such as:

Clairo, Taylor Swift, Girl In Red, Noah Cyrus, Blackbear, Dominic Fike, Claire Rosikranz, BENNEE, Lexi Jayde, Gracie Abrams, Olivia O'Brien, Ness Barret, and Phoebe Bridgers.

There isn't exactly an artist I think I sound like that much... I guess that's why I used to think maybe I shouldn't release music because I didn't really know where I fell amongst genres or other artists but now I'm starting to realize it's why I need to release music... because there isn't exactly anyone that sounds like me.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Cindy: Usually, when I write a song it's in the heat of the moment & I have literally also cried while mid-writing songs. I think writing songs has helped me reflect on how I'm feeling and help show me how I've felt, it's like hearing myself speak back to me, the inner person deep down inside that's holding all of their emotions in and masking so much to get through the day seeps out and starts saying how they really truly feel. Through my last album, the one that's coming out I learned about things I was feeling that I was ignoring. Music is an incredible release, teaches you so much, is such a euphoric out-of-body experience. It's my favorite thing in the world. Music is like medicine, for your soul.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you after the release of “Kids Back Then”?

Cindy: I’m planning on releasing a music video for my next song “Can Anyone Tell” and some House/EDM/Pop features I’m songwriting for & singing over so I’m excited to work on finishing those projects although those are a bit harder because they affiliate multiple different kinds of people and we have to all agree on the vision of the song moving forward, I know once it’s done it’ll be something really beautiful for people to listen to in a festival setting.

I just know how much I personally love festivals as well and how many fond irreplaceable memories I have with friends at festivals that I can’t wait to be able to finish these songs and see them in a setting where people can vibe with them publicly and feel connected through it. That would actually legitimately make me cry in disbelief and ecstasy/happiness.

Watch the Official Music Video for "Kids Back Then" now on YouTube:

Listen to "Kids Back Then" now on Spotify:

Listen to Cindy Sterling's music on SoundCloud:



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