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Irish artist, Jonathan Tinne, announces upcoming single "Fall In Line"

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, Jonathan Tinne is a talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist who is rapidly making a name for himself within the music industry. In the vast world of music streaming, where every artist vies for a spot in your playlist, Jonathan Tinne has not just secured his place but has become a genuine sensation. With numerous successful tracks on Spotify such as "California Weather", "Madness 101" and "Summer Avenue", it is clear that he is proving himself to not only be incredibly versatile as a song-writer, but that he also has what it takes to attain music greatness.

Most recently, to the excitement of his fanbase, Jonathan Tinne has announced the upcoming release of his highly-awaited new single, "Fall In Line", which is set to release February 2nd, 2024, onto all digital streaming platforms. This dynamic new track showcases some of the artist's finest work yet as a songwriter, and Tinne's ability to create music that resonates deeply with his followers is a testament to his undeniably unique sound and style.

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"Every single one of my songs is written based on an actual feeling or thought I’ve had, I tend to write most of them around a scene I’ve created in my head based off of this feeling." - Jonathan Tinne

*Pictures taken by Danny Cox from Material Magazine and Sean Munden from SPACEDSCO


Hello, Jonathan! Thank you so much for joining me today. First things first, how did you first discover your passion for music?

Jonathan: Hello Ascendant! It’s my pleasure, thank you for having me! This is a fun story! I talk about it a lot with my sister Sofia with whom I write music. Some years ago when we were younger, I was about 12, 13 she would have been 10, we both received musical instruments as gifts for Christmas. She received a keyboard and I got a drum set. I was very happy with my drum set but gravitated more towards her keyboard until I eventually adopted it for my own. She wasn’t too upset about this though thankfully! I began learning the piano and writing with her. This is how we started writing many songs together, especially from the age of 16, her focusing mainly on lyrics while I looked after the production and melodies. We soon discovered this was our passion but never in a million years did we think that now our music would be listened to by millions across the world on Netflix, HBO Max and music streaming platforms!

What three words would you say best summarize your music as a whole?

Jonathan: Uplifting, Bright and Fun!

Talk to me about your upcoming single, “Fall In Line”. What is something special about this song?

Jonathan: I wrote this song about someone special who means a lot to me but unfortunately is not compatible with me. It’s always hard when this happens because you try so hard to make it work but it just doesn’t and even though you have a lot of respect for one another and work so hard to try and make it work romantically, you’re both just better off as friends. However, I think in this song I am still staying on brand with how I like my music to sound, that being it’s still quite an upbeat tune which I hope will resonate with people.

What exactly does your song-writing process look like?

Jonathan: Although every single one of my songs is written based on an actual feeling or thought I’ve had, I tend to write most of them around a scene I’ve created in my head based off of this feeling. For example, if I’m going through a hard time with someone, I will take that feeling and put it into a completely fabricated story. This way I can create better structure, imagery and feel. I usually also start the musical side with a motif or idea. This is often a short catchy melody that I whistle to myself while walking down a street or play on an instrument. From that I will find the chords which I will later marry with that initial fabricated idea I had for the lyrics. It’s definitely worth mentioning I try to imitate a lot which is how I find my sound. Testing out sounds that have inspired me to undoubtedly find my own.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Jonathan: I’ve definitely learnt a lot about myself through my songwriting. Mostly because when I think about lyrics I often have to admit to myself that the ones I want to write might actually sound a bit insane. There’s also a sense of vulnerability that has to be accepted which can be quite hard when sharing your thoughts and feelings with the world. However regarding healing injuries, contrary to popular belief and other artists, I often find it doesn’t really help to heal them. I think it helps to deal with them but because I have to delve deeper into that particular time, feeling or thought, it can actually often open up that scar. That being said, I sometimes find it therapeutic to do that or even helpful to deal with, which is quite a selfish thing to admit.

Listen to Jonathan Tinne now on Spotify:




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