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Ascending artist, Xi, releases new single "Pain Of Goodbye" onto all digital streaming platforms

Xi Trap is a young recording artist, singer, and musician from Austria. A multi-dimensional artist, Xi makes dynamic Trap and Pop music, but is experienced in a variety of other genres as well. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she started to release her original music, and in just a short amount of time, Xi already has numerous tracks released onto all major digital streaming platforms.

Her songs include, "01", "Corner", "In A Lie", and "Pain Of Goodbye", which have all impressively received tens of thousands of streams from listeners all around the world. Her unique sound and musical style is rapidly solidifying Xi as an ascending star to definitely keep your eye on!

Listen to her recent music release titled, "Pain Of Goodbye" now on Spotify:

"My music is an expression of my inner self after-all, and it’s an amazing feeling to see that there are other people who go through the same stuff as you." - XI


First of all we’d like to know what made you write your own songs. Was there a specific moment you realized this is it? What motivated you to become a songwriter?

Xi: I used to write lyrics for quite a while before I started making music. I didn’t want to record them at first because I didn’t feel like I’d be good enough. And then Xxxtentacion died. He was one of my favorite artists. I was shocked and really sad that there will be no more new music from him, so I decided to start making songs that reminded me of his vibe. At the beginning it was just for me, until one day my mum heard one of my songs and said I should try doing it professionally. I began training my voice intensively, working with professionals in the field since then. That’s how it all begun.

What usually drives you to create and write new songs?

Xi: Emotions. It’s always the emotions. I don’t usually feel anything in an extreme way. I’m mostly pretty calm and somewhat phlegmatic. So emotions are something I’m trying to grasp right away and express in the best way possible. To me it’s music. I’m fascinated with the variety of ways songs can sound. And I believe that everything I feel can have its own specific sound.

What would you like to achieve through your music?

Xi: I guess as any other artist I would like to get my music recognized and people to enjoy it. Another side would be finding people who feel the same as I do and get a chance to connect with them. My music is an expression of my inner self after-all, and it’s an amazing feeling to see that there are other people who go through the same stuff as you.

Can you tell me more about your newest song "Pain Of Goodbye"? What inspired you to write this song?

Xi: So it was about a year ago, I liked this guy. Classically he didn’t like me back as much. And it hurt me every time we had to say goodbye to each other, so from there stems the chorus of the song. However, you can see in the lyrics that throughout the storyline the protagonist (me) recovers and takes the strength back, saying that now that you’ve lost me it’s too late to apologize. I guess this is a message to those whose ego didn’t let them accept what they were offered while it was still there. Sadly I’ve witnessed so many beautiful relationships not work out just because someone couldn’t let their ego dissolve in the love of the other person.

Your family and friends, are they being supportive? Do they come to your shows? Maybe even sing with you at home?

Xi: Yes my mum is probably my biggest supporter. She has been very involved in my career as a singer, helping in every way possible. In fact she was the one who organized the whole music video shoot for Pain of Goodbye. She’s been incredible. My friends are also very supportive. Some of them even came to my first show. Since I started releasing songs during the pandemic outbreak it’s been hard to arrange any shows, so there has not been that many ways for them to support me in this way. Some of them were listening to radio premieres of my songs with me. So yes, many have been and are there for me.

How do you feel like, being a musician? Is this your true calling? Being a professional performer? Do you feel like this is what you were meant to be?

Xi: I don’t believe that we are born with a destiny of doing something specific to each of us - so no. However, I also believe that if you put enough hard work into something you love it becomes your true calling. So I am working on it and I hope that a musician will stay something I am meant to be. Music industry is a lot of hard work, money and quite frankly luck. So I am doing as much as I can at the moment to expand my talents, so that it’s worth other people’s time.

What is your interpretation of art / or an artist? What does it mean to you?

Xi: Well Art to me is something personal to each one of us. It’s the thoughts that we cannot express in words but can record in other ways like painting and music. Art is a story encoded in an alternative way, almost like a riddle that has many answers.

What would you tell people that are interested in starting writing songs on their own, but maybe have some of the same doubts you’ve had?

Xi: Don’t be scared. Practice makes perfect. At first, I had to write for a good year to produce something worth recording. Most importantly make it something you enjoy doing and let the process take its natural course. Don’t force it out of yourself. Have fun☺

Watch Xi's music video for "Pain Of Goodbye" on YouTube:

Watch the music video for "In A Lie" on YouTube:

Listen to Xi's music on Spotify:



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