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Gallo Locknez & Buddhakai announce dynamic new hip-hop album titled, "Take Off"

Gallo Locknez and Buddhakai are two experienced songwriters, producers, and recording artists who have just announced their collaborative new hip-hop album titled, "Take Off", onto all digital streaming platforms. Over the past year, this powerhouse duo has been working together on this highly-anticipated project - and with its hard hitting beats and cadence flows, "Take Off" is sure to lift the energy of every listener! With over nine tracks on this record including, "Emphasize", "Sensei", "Rewind", "Boom", and "No Brakes", this album is already capturing the attention of both dedicated and new listeners from all around the world. Both of these talented artists are highly accomplished individually, and the combination of their musical skills and strengths has cumulated this new musical masterpiece.

Plans for Gallo Locknez and Buddhakai to go on tour as a team are currently in the works, in addition to other performances and upcoming music releases. Follow Gallo and Buddhakai on their social media platforms to stay updated on news and future music releases!

Download "Take Off" now:


Hello, Buddhakai and Gallo Locknez! Tell me about your recent album release titled, “Take Off”.. can you tell me something special about it?

Gallo: "Take Off" was made with the intention to make the listener want to take off! Inspirational, energetic hip hop that gets the listener vibing and thinking about life choices.

Buddhakai: I feel like most of us are waiting for something BIG to take off in our lives, regardless what it is we're doing, or what goals we're aiming for... it's the tipping point. The moment where all the dedication, sacrifices, and the work we put in finally takes off, I'm hoping that's what this album is.

What three words would you say best describe the album as a whole?

Buddhakai: Inspiring, passionate, motivational.

What was the inspiration for you both to collaborate with each other on this project?

Gallo: I've been a fan of Buddhakai since watching him rap online. Then we met in Harrisburg, PA and we just clicked. We spoke again and the idea of the project came together. I was looking to produce a project with a like minded artist and it was a no brainer once we started to connect more!

Buddhakai: Like minds. Similar passions. Unstoppable work ethic. After rapping over some of his beats and winning some of the contests him and Jisi Tunes put together, we just knew we had to put something bigger together.

There are some really great songs on “Take Off”! I’d like to know, do you have a favorite song on the album?

Gallo: I love them all! There's something for everyone but if I were to pick one, I really enjoy "What it Takes".

Buddhakai: Yes, my favorite is "What It Takes" and "Boom"! Funny, these are the two songs we did solo!

What is your songwriting process together like?

Gallo: We are both really fast writers. We build off of each other and we create and record. Very like minded with productivity and work ethic.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Gallo: Music is life. Music is that sense of calm that helps me stay grounded. I love all music and love creating all music. I love to serve as well so creating music fulfills that desire for me. Being able to inspire through music is an unmatched feeling.

Buddhakai: It's actually backwards for me. I go through life and it's struggles, ask God for answers, listen to what I believe God teaches me, then share the amazing process and outcomes in my music.

How do you want your music to help or affect other people?

Gallo: I want it to motivate people. I'm extremely happy to have heard from many people how the music has encouraged them, inspire and motivate them to do better!

Buddhakai: Hopefully it ignites a similar inspiration for positive change! My life has literally gone from hell to heaven on earth. Not perfect, but definitely amazing. I want others to experience that too.

In your opinion, what separates you two from other artists in your genre?

Gallo: We follow our own paths. We don't follow trends but still sound modern and authentic. We are genuine and passionate about helping others. It shows in our music and our everyday lives. We're as real as it comes!

Buddhakai: "I don't follow trends. I rap about my life honestly. I don't rap about what's popular, so I don't contradict myself from song to song. In other words, I don't rap about uplifting my wife and my family in one song, then rap about degrading women in another."

You guys are quite a powerful music duo! Do you have plans to collaborate on any future music releases?

Gallo: Oh yeah! We are always creating and as individual artists we have a lot in the works. I'll always create with and support my brother Buddhakai.

Buddhakai: Heck yeah!

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you two?

Gallo: Shows, tours, more music, contests, fun, fun and more fun! Lots more content!

View the Official Cover Art for "Take Off":

Watch the new music video for "No Brakes" now on YouTube:

Listen to Gallo Locknez's music on Spotify:

Listen to Buddhakai's music on Spotify:




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