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Jacob Hauge & Ben Bushill announce the upcoming release of their mesmerizing new EP "Quiet Majesty"

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Jacob Hauge Mateo is an experienced producer, singer-songwriter, pianist, and a father of two boys based in Aarhus, Denmark. Over the years, Jacob has produced five albums and amassed more than 14,000 followers on Facebook and over 10,000 monthly listeners across digital streaming platforms. Recognized by his ethereal, peace-inducing, and multi-faceted style of music production, Jacob Hauge Mateo has garnered love and attention from dedicated listeners all over the world.

Most recently, the artist has announced his upcoming EP titled, "Quiet Majesty", which is produced in collaboration with poet and recording artist, Ben Bushill. This dynamic fusion of two artistic minds has resulted in their six-track creation, which features Bushill's transcendent and intimate spoken word poetry set to the mesmerizing, and multi-dimensional instrumentals of Jacob Hauge Mateo. A true musical masterpiece, "Quiet Majesty" invites listeners on a journey of enchantment and emotionality. Official release of EP is April 15, 2022.

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"The purpose of my music is to help people reconnect with their inner being and with inner silence." - Jacob Hauge Mateo

Photographer Credit: Elvirah Flor Søgaard


Hello, Jacob! Thank you for joining us today. I’d love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

Jacob: When I was 10, I wrote my first song. It went something like, "Why are the money here, aren't we here to share?". I had it in me from the start, the desire to create music. Not that I was a musical genius. I wasn't. I was very ordinary. We had a piano in the living room. I would go to that almost every day and play. It was magnetizing. But surely, it wasn't time yet. I was no Mozart, and it didn't come easily to me. Then came the teenage years, and music was replaced by interest for the opposite sex and for partying, and all that. Then, all of a sudden, in my early twenties, I remembered my love of playing and composing. Since then, my heart has been unwaveringly committed to do music, to be in that bottomless universe. And almost every evening since then, for 20 years, I have worked on my music, perfecting it, deepening it, letting go of it in order to discover it at a deeper level. I never forgot the music - or 'the angel of music' as I call that inspiration, and I am sure I never will.

What three words would you say best summarize your musical style?

Jacob: Ethereal, emotional, meditative. And… pop-pish! I know that was four.

Do you feel being a songwriter has always been your calling?

Jacob: Yes, songwriting, composing and producing has always been deepest in my heart. It is as if that's why I came here, that I am here with this mission or purpose - to hear the music and channel it out into the world. It’s not something I ever really questioned. It feels like a contract that I did with some maestro or council before I even got here. And when I devote myself to the melodies with the right balance of sincerity and surrender, then the music works as it should. I can clearly see that though the testimonials I receive. Sometimes it’s just SPOT ON. And sometimes there is too much ego, too much intellect. That’s ok. That means it’s time to let go of everything and just be willing and humble, as a child learning to walk.

Tell me about your upcoming music release you did in collaboration with Ben Bushill titled, “Quiet Majesty”.. what was the inspiration behind writing this piece?

Jacob: Four years ago, my friend read a poem by Ben at one of our online circle meetings. I was astonished! This was poetry on such deep level I had never experienced before. I was never really into poetry. But these words stung me, opened me, awakened me. Since then and since many readings of his poems, it has been a dream of mine to combine my music with his poetry and way of writing. I reached out to him sometime ago. He was an immediate yes. It was written in the stars. Such profound match. Surprisingly, HE already knew of MY music and felt the same resonance. From then on it went fast, and after a week or so he had written the first poem for the project and sent his voice recording of it - that was the first track called 'Quiet Majesty'. I felt immediately pulled and inspired to work on the music for this poem, and so I did. Intensively for weeks. And then the next four pieces followed the following months.

You’ve been releasing music for quite a while, and you have so many great songs out on Spotify! Tell me though, how has collaborating together with Ben Bushill taken your music to the next level?

Jacob: Thank you! Well. Sitting and listening to our EP again and again trough all stages - composing, adjusting, tweaking, mixing and mastering, I must have heard each of the six pieces more than a hundred times each. I know them very well, let me tell you. What strikes me, is how profoundly transformative and heart opening - heart wrenching - this album is. It works on many different psychological levels, and even on a spiritual level. Ben writes like Tolkien with the same nuances and colors. It WANTS your attention. So I would say that his poetry and his moving and empathetic voice has inspired me to expand and develop my musical universe even more - to go with the flow and try new things out. There are some pretty unexpected and unusual sounds and moods that you haven’t heard from me before.

There are six songs on your upcoming EP.. I’m curious, which song on “Quiet Majesty” means the most to you, and why?

Jacob: Well, the ones I find myself putting on the most, are "A Prayer for All Faiths" and "Little Sparks". The first one because is has everything I ever wanted to publish, and everything I would ever want from a song. It’s got prayer, compassion, warmth. My vocals are full of color and soul. The arrangement is interesting, develops in a very organic way and is “brought home”. I have heard this piece so many times, and it doesn’t wear off It’s vibrantly alive and heartfelt. "Little Sparks’" is very different. It’s without Ben. It’s repetitive, almost trancey, and mystical. It’s not like anything I ever did before, or anything I have ever heard. It just keeps on going with the same few chords, while new layers keep being added. In addition, my closest friends and music collaborators, Lilo Aurora and Vildmor join in with their sensitive vocals. It gives me the chills.

Since you and Ben Bushill live in different countries, could you please tell me a little about your songwriting process together?

Jacob: Sure. It’s very simple actually. For this album, I gave him a headline. That could be a simple word, like ‘forgiveness’. Then, a few days after or so, he would send that poem recorded. Luckily, he has a little home studio, so we could do everything remotely. Now and then, there would be a need for adjustments. We have both stepped so deeply and solid into each our functions and know who we are as artists, so there has been a deep sense of respect between us. Like “you do your thing and I do mine”, and just trusting that. Yeah, it has been really effortless to do this with Ben. As I said before, this was written in the stars and it was more a matter of “just doing it”. Again, back to that sense of contract and fulfilling your calling.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Jacob: I learn so much about myself all the time. Mostly, the lesson of late has been to let go and to not know. As A Course in Miracles says: “the essential thing is learning that you do not know”. So just trusting the process, trusting that when I feel inspired it’s time to create music. When I don’t and when I feel tired, it’s time to relax or do something else. “Don’t struggle with it” seems to be the best advice. That being said, music helps me discover and remember the deeper layers of reality and to feel the pulsating, REAL life behind the words, the beliefs and human constructs. Music, in the most glorious moments, reminds me that life is forever and that I am connected to everything.

How do you want your music to help or affect other people?

Jacob: I was told very early on by a wise man, that the purpose of my music is to help people reconnect with their inner being and with inner silence. These are just words and will mean different things to different people. If my music can help people though - even just in glimpses - to relax and to remember that everything is already ok and that there is really no need to struggle, then I did well.

What is the next “big thing” the world can expect from you? Will you and Ben Bushill be collaborating together again on any future projects after "Quiet Majesty" is released?

Jacob: I would be open to that, but we just don’t know anything, do we? Maybe this was it with Ben and I. But in terms of upcoming projects, I have some very interesting music projects in the pipeline later this year. I am so indescribably lucky to work with artists such as Shaina Noll, Liv Austen, Kristian Thorsager, Chelan Harkin and Maya Luna. Also, I am back in the studio with Belgian Lilo Aurora whom I did my latest album with titled, "Where Angels Gently Sing". So you can expect releases alongside these wonderful hearts throughout 2022. I am very excited. More than that though, I am forever grateful!

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