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Australian artist, Jillimune, announces dreamy new single "Moonrise"

Jillimune is a rapidly ascending songwriter, music producer, and DJ hailing from Australia. This multi-dimensional artist first began pursuing music after being inspired by another Australian producer named Flume, and since then, Jillimune has truly honed his own unique sound and captivating music style. With several released songs to his name including "Don't Don't", "Aurora", "Kalon", "Sekkusu", and "Miss Our Time", this compelling artist has garnered hundreds of thousands of streams from dedicated and new listeners all around the world.

Most recently, he has released his latest single titled "Moonrise" onto all digital streaming platforms. Atmospheric, addictively lush, and dreamy, this new track showcases some of Jillimune's best songwriting and production work yet. Follow Jillimune on his social media platforms to stay tuned on his future music releases and news!

Listen to Jillimune's new single "Moonrise" now on Spotify:

"Music can act as a language that everyone can understand in a different way that everyone can understand words." - Jillimune


Hello, Jillimune! Thank you very much for joining us today. First things first, could you tell me when you discovered your passion for music?

Jillimune: Hello, thank you for the questions! I discovered my initial passion for music while hearing Flume for the first time and began deconstructing the layers of his track “insane”. The complexity and detail that made up the art piece was incredible and is where I found my initial music passion.

What three words would you say best describe your style & music as a whole?

Jillimune: I’d say at the moment my art is chilled, dreamy, and reflective in its overall feel from my eyes. I aim for these because people don’t get enough of these 3 things within their time. I’d like to describe Jillimune as a planetary artist one day however.

In your opinion, what separates you the most from other artists out there?

Jillimune: Mostly my personal influences and my creative drive make my art unique. I always put a lot of effort and funding into my art and it allows me to be essentially limitless with my imagination of what I will create next. I believe this creative drive mixed with my background creates a unique picture and leaves my audience with certain feelings from each piece. Every artist is amazing in their own regard as no two are alike, that’s what makes art so fascinating.

Tell me about your newest single titled, “Moonrise”.. what is something very special about it?

Jillimune: The lyrics I wrote while on a walk in the forest. The song is about a particular time within everyone’s life, whenever they may experience it. If you’re able to decode what the song is about, you’ll understand too. I think creating art within natures playground adds another dimension to it that otherwise wouldn’t have been recognizable. "Moonrise" is one of the best songs I’ve made by far in my time as Jillimune and I wish to keep producing songs like it.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Jillimune: Listening, creating sounds, writing lyrics all provide a different effect. Music can act as a language that everyone can understand in a different way that everyone can understand words. Sometimes words can’t do music’s job. It’s like a medicine that no one understands why it works on people.

View the Official Cover Art for Jillimune's new single, "Moonrise":

Watch the Official Lyric Video for "Moonrise" now on YouTube:

Follow Jillimune on Spotify:



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