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Jingram's music transcends the boundaries between genres

Jingram, or Jack Ingram, wears his heart on his sleeve and writes honest music surrounding his real experiences, bouncing between the Kansas City and Los Angeles live music scenes. Elements of Funk, Pop, R&B, Hip-hop, and Rock, all show up somewhere in Jack’s infectious grooves across his first two singles, both of which have already garnered tens of thousands of plays on Spotify.

Jack is a mutli-talented vocalist and instrumentalist, making him the ultimate swiss army knife musician and songwriter. Jack looks beyond following the trends of his contemporaries in favor of delivering an amalgam of style, flavor, and flare in the songs and the way they’re performed, pouring as much as it takes into the soaring “Head In The Clouds”, alongside funk guitar lines and 808 drum beats that will keep heads bobbing and girls dancing.

Jack has been taking advantage of the return of concerts, with several headlining shows at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas to promote his current and future releases. Jack holds on to the roots of his midwestern musical ancestors, while bringing in the musicianship and bravado of a modern performer. This all culminates in an artist that genuinely has the ability to transcend the boundaries between genres and create strong positive vibes that fans of any genre around the world will resonate with.

In September of this year, he released his newest self-titled EP, "Jingram", onto all digital streaming platforms. Listen to it now on Spotify!

"My soul can get recharged by a great song. It makes me feel good to know that my music can do that for someone else." - Jack Ingram


Hello, Jack! Thank you for joining us today. We'd love to know, when did you first discover your passion for music?

J: My passion for music started after I first started songwriting. I played drums and then guitar for a few years, before I wrote my first song. There’s nothing like the creative high I get after writing something that I really love. I was 13 when I wrote my first song.

Tell me about your recently released EP self-titled "Jingram".. what was the inspiration behind writing it?

J: Jingram is an EP of my favorite songs that I wrote throughout college. They are all very catchy and it felt like they worked well together for a pop record. The songs are all about love and relationships.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

J: My art has given me a sense of purpose. My soul can get recharged by a great song. It makes me feel good to know that my music can do that for someone else.

Who would you say is the first music group that inspired you and why were they influential?

J: The Police were my earliest inspiration. My Dad was a huge fan of them, and we bonded over their music. I love the dreamy and emotional quality to their music.




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