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Or Golan announces upcoming new single, "There Is No Chance For Us"


Congratulations on the upcoming release of your newest single, “There Is No Chance For Us”! In your opinion, what sets this song apart from your previous releases?

Or Golan: I think that this song is really different because there is nothing that will stop it from being something else, the "mystique" in this song, meaning its unique atmosphere, is what makes this song different in its essence. There are songs like that, I really think so.

What was the inspiration behind writing “There Is No Chance For Us”?

Or Golan: I saw a video on TikTok of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury, and it just came out of me, I have no idea how. I disappeared from the music world for a very long time so here I am, admit it's strange.

What about the songwriting, instrumentation, or production in the track are you most proud of?

Or Golan: When I am asked these questions I always have stupid answers to say but now I have nothing to say about it.

When you are producing, what sounds/instruments are you most drawn to?

Or Golan: I am always drawn to music, almost any kind of music. It varies a lot from the melody to a certain type of synthesizer.

In your own words, how would you describe your music style as an artist?

Or Golan: If I were Pete Burns (lead singer of Dead or Alive) I would define my style as avant-garde with a touch of European flavor.

I’m sure your new song “There Is No Chance For Us” is going to be a big hit! Do you have any other songs currently in the works?

Or Golan: First of all, I'm not sure it will be a hit, it's very difficult to market a song for it to be a hit. Because of financial struggles, I stopped releasing songs and all my achievements were almost erased from the world, so I have no idea what else will happen in this life.

You’ve achieved recognition a lot of artists out there hope for! What advice would you give to up-and-coming musicians who are striving to do what you’re doing?

Or Golan: (If I were now a beginning artist, I would not have followed the path I took two years ago when I started), now that I have told the truth, here are some important things for those who read these lines: If you are a million percent sure that you are really mentally prepared for a life journey that does not want you as human beings, it is wants you as robotic machines and you are a million percent sure that you are weaving a huge safety net of an economic army (lawyers, accountants, promoters, PR managers, marketing managers, concert organizers, personal manager) and an army of managers in the field of the soul, do it, because I had nothing and my downfall came at the end.

I’m curious, what exactly is your songwriting process like?

Or Golan: Usually, melodies land on my head like air to breathe, if a melody has such a strong power to sit and push me to action then it's a good melody. The borders of the talent can be from Israel to Australia, the question is what do you do with it? Why do you make art? Because I'm not Madonna and I wish I was Britney Spears but I'm not. I am Or Golan and this is what I have.

What is the next big thing the world can expect from you, Or Golan?

Or Golan: 9. Everything I say now I will get the opposite. I no longer trust anyone, God has disappointed me so much in life that there is nothing to expect anymore.

View the Cover Art for Or Golan's upcoming single "There Is No Chance For Us" now:

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