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Rawan Chaya releases new single, "Slide" onto all digital streaming platforms

Rawan Chaya is a Lebanese-American singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in Los Angeles. She enjoys experimenting with various genres, with a special love for Soul/RnB and Pop influenced by Eastern music, as heard in her voice and sound. Rawan has headlined at a variety of venues in Los Angeles, D.C, Beirut, Germany, and many more. She was also a top ten contender with Universal Music Group’s Aloft competition and was a part of The Voice Arabia. Her music inspirations include Sia, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, and Arab legend, Fairuz.

Most recently, she released her latest single titled, "Slide" onto all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to Rawan Chaya's music now on Spotify!


Hello, Rawan! Thank you for joining us today. When did you first discover your passion for music?

Rawan: My brother used to host talent shows when I was seven years old and I would always be practicing and taking it a bit too seriously. I remember prepping for the talent show by watching Britney Spears’ “Lucky” music video over and over again until I memorized it. I was also obsessed (and still am) with the song “Come on Over” by Christina Aguilera. Her vocal range and what she sang about really stuck with me and from then, she instantly became an inspiration. I discovered that singing was something that came naturally to me when I was on stage or singing in front of a large audience. I loved the feeling of performing on stage and knew that was where I belong. My brother and I also made music videos and put on plays within our community. We always found a way to keep the arts alive in our household.

What three words would you say best summarize you/your music?

Rawan: I would say soulful, electric, and dynamic. Nina Simone, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce inspired the soulful part of my artistry, while Sia, inspired the electric side. Being Lebanese-American and traveling the world has helped me discover various sounds in music and this has made me a more dynamic singer.

Tell me about your latest music release.. what was the inspiration behind it?

Rawan: I recently released an R&B bop single called “Slide”. It’s about letting your guard down, going with the flow, and having fun with someone as the relationship progresses. I feel like now more than ever, a lot of people are fixated on having a label and I think this can make things complicated when getting to know someone. Seeing this around me and hearing about my friends’ relationship issues because they’re so adamant about creating labels inspired me to write this song.

Most artists say that through their art they learn more about themselves, heal injuries… in what ways has music helped you?

Rawan: Music taught me that it’s okay not to be okay. I went through a phase where I was only recording sad songs (not intentionally) and I needed that to get me out of the funk that I was in. Now I look back and I’m like “damn, I’ve come so far”. I look at my music as a virtual diary…when I listen to my older music I am able to remember exactly how I felt at that moment and it’s so cool to track my progress that way. I also love being able to connect with people around the world through my music. I think that is the most rewarding part for me as a singer because I know that people can relate to me and that I am not alone.

What is the next "big thing" the world can expect from you?

Rawan: I love being Lebanese-American so showcasing my background in my music is important to me. One of my major goals is to fuse together Eastern-Western sounds and turn them into pop hits so stay tuned for this fusion!

View the official Cover Art for Rawan Chaya's latest single, "Slide":

View the music video for "Slide" now on YouTube:

Check out Rawan's music on Spotify:




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