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Walker Tex creatively blends 90's grunge and folk in his compelling covers

Walker Tex is a talented singer and songwriter who produces and reimagines classic songs, in addition to offering his unique take on modern masterpieces. 32 years-old, Walker has truly come into his own creatively. Heavily influenced by both Grunge and 70's Folk, Walker Tex has blended these contrasting genres through perfecting his own unique vocal style and by building compelling soundscapes in the covers that he records.

His upcoming song release called, "The Importance Of Being Idle" is set to be released September 12th, 2021, onto all major music streaming platforms. This new, folk-inspired track is a collaboration with producer Malleus Incus Stapes, and the tune is greatly anticipated by Walker's large social media following.

Original material with Malleus Incus Stapes is also currently in production, and the duo is set to release more music over the coming months.

View Walker's full Artist Interview here

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